Mall Of Asia Excursion

1:05 PM

Mall of Asia is not the biggest mall I've been in but it sure was the longest time I've been into.

Walking around non stop for 7 hours is no easy feat especially when one realizes that you have just an overview of everything you've so far covered to walk. No actual shopping happened yet.

The only thing I remembered I bought that time was this faux snake skin stilletto tall boots at Schu . I was taken with the pair in a oh-I-love-the-look-of-this-fabulous-I'll-never-wear-it kind of way. All it took though was a small convincing from one of the Delightful Children for me to buy it. It's still sits in my closet waiting for that promised dressier skinnier day.

That was my first experience with Mall of Asia or MOA for those who doesn't really want to be bothered.
During my second vacation came the shopping spree. I am the kind of person who functions well alone. I like to do my shopping on my own for a lot and no apparent reason. I may just be antisocial but one thing is for sure I like to wander around without worrying about the other person with me. I like to go from shop to shop, browse through racks after racks and just get lost without the stress of time limit and meet ups etc. Swiping my cards is stressful enough. No matter how much I love the high end boutiques I adore SM department store too.!. What can I say I'm cheapskate!

Filipino's past time favorite is eating. Restaurants and food stalls are the first one people look for upon arriving at the mall.

On my third visit, we are no different, as after some fast deliberation we decided on trying out the Gumbo place that boast of that taste of New Orleans. Smoking area gives you the view of that defunct picturesque Manila Bay
and non smokers will be taken inside to be enteratined by the jester a.k.a waiter.

Food was great. I'm sorry if that's all I can say about the food. In hunger I neglected to take photos and as you all know I'm not very good with remembering names, so there food was indeed very good.
An hour and a full stomach later we then went gallivanting around the mall. All kinds of season sale was up in almost all stores but due to the reasons above I didn't get exactly shopped like crazy much to the chagrin of the old one.

We don't have parched lips and it's not really that hot but the delighful children opted to recoup in an ice cream parlour. Banana splits and mango parfaits later we are now ready to go home.
I have yet to conquer Mall of Asia on my fourth visit in which I promise I'll devour each and every nook and cranny of that place.

It makes me proud as a Filipino for I know that aside from the vast walking space people don't have anything to complain about because it is basically a one stop shop. Everything imaginable is there unlike some other places I've been into. It's one of the things the Philippines made right. With the current situation of our country now at least there's a place that people can escape to albeit materialistic and a tad egotistical. We need something new to inspire us after all. It doesn't matter in what form or size it is as long as it keeps us going for better days.

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