Mackay Loves Maki

2:56 AM

Oh yes I doooo love Maki!

Maki is the best Japanese restaurant I've ever been in and out of Kuwait.

I could not remember the last time I binge eat, - ooppss before you react let me finish -, without feeling guilty or worst without feeling the rush of high blood pressure down my veins due to too much self induced fats and sugar.

The experience makes me want to believe that Japanese women never get old or fat. Or at least buy that book by Naomi Moriyama.

If I adore the street tempura, laden with starch egg and tiny weeenie shrimp fried by the streets, during college days, I am in love with the mix tempura they have at Maki.
Shrimp, Squid, Green pepper, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Potato, Carrot and Shiitake Mushrooms all in one plate sounds just what it is. Delicious.

The Maki salad was a bit weird served on a wine glass but that's the only weird thing about it. The taste and the texture was heavenly. Even for me who's not too partial with green leafy stuff.

US black Angus Tepanyaki and Salmon Teriyaki makes up the main course. At first I was baffled on how to finish all those but after awhile I was more baffled on why on earth did I ever wonder.

It was a bit expensive for my taste and I definitely will not bring anyone there unless they're paying for it. I highly recommend it for those who values good ambiance and great food without minding the price.
If you're wondering why there's no mention of shushi nor shashimi well wonder no more.
I am not partial to raw meat. I eat the pinoy delicacy called "kinilaw" (raw fish cooked in vinegar with lots of onion and ginger) only if I know who made it. It wasn't shushi nor the shashimi's fault though. I wasn't traumatized by them. Wasabe was the culprit. I cannot stand anything spicy. Especially green weird pasty spicy icky looking thingy in a tube.

Anyway, Maki Japanese restaurant have 3 outlets; Maki Salmiya, Maki Marina Waves and Maki Avenues. If you're going with 3 or more people call early and book for reservations as they are almost always full.

For more information check out this website where I credit the photos above because I was too ninny and hungry to whip out my own cam.

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