Gandang OFW Kuwait '07

1:55 AM

I firmly believe that the higher beings out there work in mysterious ways.

Perfect example is the answer to the question I posted in this blog a week ago.

When you're not really looking, that "thing" just presents itself to you.

In my case it glared on me from a window shop at Kuwait City.

Last Friday, I went to Kuwait City, not the brightest idea, for some errand. While waiting for my ride to pick me up I went to my usual lurks of Giordano and Filipino stores where all of a sudden I saw these glaring image.

Ahaa! The information that eluded me and made me stare on TFC for hours is just round the corner of UTC building in Kuwait City.

Anyway, I was right about saying that it has something to do with honoring OFW women here in Kuwait.

Gandang OFW Kuwait '07 is a celebration of BEAUTY, TALENT and CULTURE.

There will be live performance w/ The Brothers and of course what is a Pinoy gathering without dinner buffet. It will be on August 31, 2007 at Fakheer Al Deen Ballroom, 7 p.m.

Everyone is invited. The program is hosted by Ricky Laxa, he's a Filipino Daily Star columnist and a very good Pinoy event organizer.

I did a show with him a year ago (I'll scan a photo from that event when I get home) and I could really say that he does the show with style. He was also the one responsible for the singing contest being held at Ruby Tuesday months ago.

For more information about the Gandang OFW Kuwait '07 event please contact Bong at 981-2019 or Essie at 963-9546.

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