The Filipino Magazine In Kuwait

11:36 AM

Going to Kuwait City on a Friday isn't the smartest idea in the world. Aside from the congested traffic, lack of parking space and throngs of hundred people milling about everywhere going nowhere, it is also the day where weirdo's have their field trips. Oh yes it's true, they engage you in a conversation even if you pointedly ignore them, they follow people around, they smack your butt and other horror stories you could think of. Not to all, but there are a lot of them there on weekends.

That's the shady side of Kuwait City weekends though. The perkier side is good finds such as this:
I honestly thought that this circulation has been snuff out a year ago. Apparently, I was mistaken. I quick call to some Pinoy Mafia reaffirmed what I already know, that this Filipino magazine was indeed the old one albeit reformatted. They used to call it "Kuwait Pinoy", like that website Q8 Pinoy . I have no idea if the two are closely connected aside from the name though.

I was ecstatic to see that it's finally out and is on their 5th issue this year. I wish this kind of media be made more available for all Filipinos, not only in the city, but all throughout Kuwait. As a Filipino I am proud to see that we are making our stamp in our adopted country.

I am also thrilled that I was invited to be a contributor. Teeeheee. >:P

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