Cry Baby in the Big City

2:26 AM

Waaaahhh!! Waaaahhh!! I'm officially alone in this country. Waaaaaaahhh!!!!!.We just dropped off the Oldies at the airport for their flight to the land of milk and honey, U S of A.


Granted the BotherBrother is still here but I hardly see him due to his work despite the fact that our rooms are just beside each other.

To add to the injury, my favorite aunt is currently on vacation in the Philippines and couple of my uncles are flying out there this week too.!. Waaaaaahhhh.

The Oldies won't be back for a couple of months so that means.... House party anyone?! Buwahahahaha.!.

If I am in the Philippines there's definitely going to be a party. But since I'm in Kuwait and everybody works the next day so I'll be better walking off these pent up energy.

I have plans though.
  1. I fire our part time maid and do the house work myself. How hard could it be cleaning up after myself?

  2. I'll enroll tomorrow for a twice a week arabic class near our neighborhood.

  3. Walk the dog twice a day. That should be enough compensation for not going to the gym.

  4. Rip and download all music from CD's and files to upload in Ipod.

  5. Organize photo files from way back 2004.

Hhhmmmm. Right now that's all I have on top of my head. I would've love to say help rebuilding habitat or help in acquiring world peace or better yet be sophisticated about it all and say go to the usual hunts of spa's and malls but nope am not going to.

I'm going to be smart about this and use my day/time wisely. I've figured mopping around, getting depressed and wondering what's next for me is a waste of evertything. It's time to fold the sleeves up and get myself busy by actually doing something. Might not save the world but at least it'll save my sanity.

Earlier, the petulant child in me resurfaced. See, whenever my mom travels I get all stressed out and panicky. All sort of weird doomsday thoughts plays in my mind. I could pace the floor for days until her flight. What I did was, I sat on her suitcase and said: "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!, please take me with you! Please! Please! Please! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!". Hehehe it felt great to be a kid again. She told me to be good and I told her I'm always good here in Kuwait. Hehehe. I lab my mama tuuuu maaatts!!!

Anyhooo, tomorrow is a new day which I must prepare for by going to sleep early. So this is me people saying NANAYT!!!!!

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