Durian Delight - Davao

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If my brothers are famous, they will be known for only 1 thing. Their humungous appetite for love of foods. I could feed them with just about anything and just about anywhere. They will dig in with gusto to the point of indigestion. My brothers are notorious of stuffing themselves out, it's a delight to take them out and let them have their fill of food.

This time, we decided to go local and just a street away from their apartment at Jacinto St. The kids craved for Durian, that foul smelling milky fruit, at Magsaysay Avenue otherwise known as the famous Durian Park.

Line of stalls bearing fruits decorates the fence of the park. The special touch is that we get to choose what and which fruit we want. We get to see it getting axed down and we get to sit by the street munching and drowning them with coke while looking and wondering about people going about their ways on different transportations.

My cousins also decided to tag along the durian binge. Way back college days, friends,classmates and dorm mates would devour durian after durian but even then I'll just enjoy the company and not touch that foul smelling thing. Durian is an acquired taste and I admire those who acquired it!

I'll have marang anytime though.

This is Durian Vendor at Magsaysay Avenue showing us his Durian goods.
I am not sure if he's a street urchin or he's a son of one of the vendors and he just likes to bathe in the rain.
What a famous Durian fruit look like.

This is how to eat a Marang. You just grab it!
Marang a.k.a as Johey Oak according to good ole Wiki should be consumed immeidately, and that is just what we did.

Durian on the other hand can be made into candies (which is the only form of Durian I'll ever voluntarily eat) and shakes.
In the Philippines, the centre of durian production is the Davao Region. The Kadayawan festival is an annual celebration featuring the durian in Davao City

This is probably why on my past posts I've been sharing non stop about Davao. The Kadayawan festival is one of the best celebration there is and I am missing it :(

Other products available at Durian Park in Magsaysay Avenue are mangosteen, watermelons and all sort of fruit candy products.

The best way to get there if you're in downtown Davao is by what locals called a "PotPot".
Rain or shine they'll get you anywhere you want.

P.S.: I know now why I don't have the avarice to consume durian. According to Wikipedia Durian is a cousin of Okra, another edible I wouldn't be caught dead eating.

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