What Were They Thinking?

2:01 AM

The ranting in this post is dedicated to all marketing people of all the shops/malls here in Kuwait. The rest including the smiley is dedicated to the oldies.

50 to 70 percent sale in middle of the month?! Seriously guys, what were you thinking? Don't you know that, with the exception of those with fat bank accounts, we working class citizens are broke during these times. Broke! I guess not because you chose to torture the likes of me with nationwide sale!

Marina mall was rampant with sale last week. H&M texted me last night about their sale starting today. When we went to Al Manshar today guess what greeted us?!

SALE!!!!! Everywhere.!.

After a hearty dinner the oldies decided to raid the stores. Al-Millionaire for the big guy and Koton for me and my beautiful mother.
Koton have as high as 60% sale. I was eyeing the purple flower wrap around dress and my mom wanted the yellow tube dress. Used to be 19.750 KD now down to 7.750 KD. A bargain in my opinion.

We also bought a purple top that costs 2.250KD from 4.250 KD and a moss green long sleeve shirt from 10.750 KD to 5.750 KD.

I'm broke but I'm happy.

Why? Because I'm lucky to have the oldies who's willing to pay for it all.

You're lucky sales marketing people that I am one of the few who is greatly endowed with the oldies. If not, I would have been ranting and raving about the unfairness of this big sale society.

Although it would have been nice if all of you consider moving the sale season on the end of the month.

That's all bow. I am going up to my room and twirl around in my new dress until I faint with happiness :D

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