Relishing The White Beach Puerto Galera Tryst

2:38 AM

Puerto Galera was not even mentioned until the last minute.

I love last minute decisions.

As I've never been in this beautiful place and with this extraordinarily delightful people.

The trip started 12 hours before the actual drive. These Delightful Children decided to spend the night at the Head Quarters, - think "The Kids Next Door" show at cartoon network -,in order for us to have a convoy head start before the dawn breaks.

The ride at first wasn't fun as people who have been in Manila and got stuck in terrible traffic with an open window knows.

This is my idea of fending of smokes and fumes. Unfortunately to no avail.
After a quick spit fire breakfast at Tapa King wherein they gobbled up the basic fuel for human race, carbohydrates, we proceeded the long drive towards Batangas port.

Some slept (guilty!) for that couple of hours ride while others had laugh and music trip. I can't really say that it was a peaceful lulling sleep because the car I transferred in has some sort of magical prowess and hit those who zonked off to dreamland with stuff ranging from tissue box to sticks and folders. Good thing the owner's killer shoes are kept in the trunk.

Pit stop somewhere in Batangas rural area and getting lost on the way to the port took us almost a couple of hours more.

Herein comes my apology for lack of nature photos. I was sleeping.

I was sleeping when we get hammered by the flying objects. I was sleeping when we got lost. This is what I love being the "bakasyonista", I could sleep for hours anywhere and anytime without anyone begrudging me of it.

A normally 2 hours ride became 4 hours.

We arrived at the port after 10 a.m, appreciated the fact that we can park our cars inside the port with a small fee, got confused a little over where to go and finally following the barker/porter to the ticket booths.

Baggage's went into conveyor belts and we waited for a while for loading our boats.
The boat that was feared by a couple of first timer oldies. The boat that promised a 45 minute ride to the pristine white sand and glorious beaches.

Of course what is a boat ride without sea water splashing on the passengers. What is a boat ride without somebody fainting. Without somebody snoring. Without checking out prospects :)

Finally, White Beach of Puerto Galera came in sight.

Long drive, hunger and hot tempers are all worth it in the company of the Delightful Children.
Local folks selling foods, indigenous crafts and massage on the beach.
It is especially worth it with the beautiful view of nature spread around me.
Galera have one if not the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.
It calmed my feisty spirit. It soothed my restless soul. One of the delightful children have the perfect idea on how to celebrate with the sunset.
Since good company has been amply provided for, all we need is a good cuppa of Mindoro Sling.
Mindoro sling is a combination of rhum, fruit juice, soft drinks and grenadine syrup.

Loads of Mindoro shots and extremely fun entertainment.

These mermaids are dancing to the tune of "Dont'Cha" by Pussycat Girls :)

You will see more of these in my future posts.

I love Red Horse stallion beer. It was once my salvation and downfall. RHS is one relationship I am not ever going to break. No matter how many times it hurts my insides.

I've accumulated loads of photos but in fear of getting zapped at by the Delightful Children I'm not even going to attempt.

The next day was spent doing extreme sports.

Yes. Banana boat is extreme for me. Getting thrown into the middle of the ocean is not my number one idea of fun.

Fun I had. I just don't know about that Delightful Child who had the bad luck of being under me when I got thrown into the water. I can still imagine the pain in my lower hips. Teeeheee :)

I thought that was the end of it but nooo, the Delightful Children have another agenda.

Climbing up the hill to a promise of a secret lagoon. Now I have no qualms in climbing small hills and hanging on to tree roots on the way up as I got ample practice of that being a bonafide farmers grand daughter.

The GreatOne though was a different story. I was touched and amused by the care and I applaud the effort despite the fear.

The GreatOne conquered not only the sea but the hill.
View from the top.
The promised breath taking lagoon.
If I have no qualms about climbing I was about to develop hysteria when they told me we are going to crawl under the hill that we just climbed.
Don't believe me?! Let one of the Delightful Children demonstrate for you.
That tunnel was all a blur. All I know was the feeling of the ceiling that touches my back and the gravel that scratches my hands. It was one of those moments I hoped I joined summer camps.

I had fun. It seems like a simple silly thing to say but that is what I happened. I had helluva fun at Galera.

I was just sorry it ended and so soon.
The adventure might have ended but the vacation have just begun.

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