Off With The Jet Lag! Welcome Home Sickness.

3:15 PM

It's time to rave and rant about great ole Philippines and all the great times I've had.

It's time to wind my watches into Kuwait GMT zone.

It's time to stop staring at the computer making half hearted attempt to blog.

It's time to stop posting about anything BUT the vacation.

Which got me to thinking since I haven't been blogging about my past couple vacations on the same country on virtually the same year I shall be merging the stories, that way I get to tell it all :)

No, I still don't have my USB camera and yes this is still not a vacation post.

This is just another one of those daily blah updates. The only reason I do this is because I think I'll go crazy thinking,, all the time!!!

This is a very long blah post. You have been warned.

The only highlight of my last week was watching Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix last friday at Laila Tower. I was a tad early so I decided to drop by Al Fanar Mall which is a stone's throw away from the Tower. Sale is still raging as ever. I went into the same shops such as Mango, Zara and River Island (they're not on sale but they give away sun glassess for every 30KD purchase) although what caught my eye was these new shops literally unknown (my excuse for forgetting their names) but with great designs. Note to self: Get back there and check it out again.

I think Harry Potter movie came short with my great expectations. Not that I actually have any but after the movie the only reaction I had was - oh ok..... If you're going to ask me about the movie, don't, I won't be able to conjure a positive response. Note to self: Buy the whole freaking set of books. I've read all but the last 2 books.

I like the Laila Tower design though. Especially the flowers. I'd love to take a photo of it but the introvert in me resurfaced and balked out. Note to self: get over it!

I realized I've been missing out a lot on Filipino community activities here in Kuwait since the school vacation. My cousins have all gone home to the Philippines and truth be told they are one of the few reasons why I know other Filipinos out here. Unlike my past couple of years being active in the community. Well not really but at least I get to see and meet new Pinoys! Even participate in some Argh. Now I only see them in TFC. I was really bummed out when I saw in TV that a beauty pageant for children was done here just last week and I wasn't there to chronicle it all! There was also a Filipino event at Sheikh Flamingo but I only knew it through a French friend. She's french and she got to be there :(
Note to self: Smile and get out. Ok I can smile but should I really get out?! It's 49 degrees out there for crying out loud! Note to all people out there: If you know an even tell me! Let's have fun!

I've just finished a book entitled "Shes Come Undone" - I'll post a review of this later. My point is, in the middle of that book I noticed my nastiness. It naturally came out. I was nasty to my mom for a couple of days. I had recurring bad dreams. I eat chips! I was scared.

Dream #1: I am in our house in Davao that looked like TheGreatOne's house. I was all packed and ready to go but for the life of me I can't seem to get to the car. I was crying and yelling to no avail. The house was dark. Television was blaring a noon time show. Everyone's saying goodbye.

Dream #2: I am in the airport. Ready to check in but I don't have my passport nor my ticket with me. I ran out to TheGreatOne who's waiting to the parking lot. The plane left me. We were in the highway for hours.

I have these dreams everynight for the whole week. It's freaking me out. Thank goodness I've finished the book.

It doesn't take a genius to psychoanalyze those dreams. I admit I am home sick. What I refuse to admit though is that the whales have anything to do with it. I even considered packing up and rerooting in the Philippines but then again I know it wouldn't be wise. Not this time anyway.

I am now reading The South Beach Diet book. I've had it since time immemorial, I've skimmed on it before but the other night I decided to start and finish it. Last night I read a back issue of Metro Magazine and Marie Claire.

Regina Spektor keeps me calm. I love her Fidelity song. I love her Samson song. Regina Spektor puts me to sleep.

I've done drafts after drafts of vacation posts. One is even ready for publishing. It doesn't seem right. It doesn't seem alive. It was over eager. Over justified.

I miss someone. Everything needs getting used to. Everyone needs to get tamed.

My nails is still color red. It's been red since May.

Boy am I boring myself.

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