In With The Bad - Out With The Good...Later

12:42 PM

Not blogging about my Philippine vacations for the past couple of years has become a noticeable tradition. Not that it's intentional. I just feel that whatever I jot down about it, wouldn't go up to par on the actual experience. But this time I'll try on a somewhat subdued mood. I could say that I was tied up with work but that will only be part of the truth.

The other half is, I don't feel like writing when I only have 1/4 of my material.

Herein comes the bad stuff.

The promised photo posts will have to come later due to the tragedy of losing my beloved camera usb wire. Hundreds of photos from the Philippines even my first week back here in Kuwait will have to wait.

I'll have to resort in plain text while announcing to the world that one of my most memorable moment on this vacation was getting gnawed bitten by a dog.

A sneaky little mongrel who introduced himself as my grandfather's favorite by nipping me on the leg while I was getting inside my grandma's house. I didn't even noticed because he didn't make any sound and I was just bouncing around as usual until my other grandma said "Ay apo, Darna bit you!". Yes ladies and gentlemen, the ancient people named their dogs based on Filipino fantasy heroes. There's Darna (a lady who becomes a sexy flying maiden after swallowing a pebble), Marina (in a context it's a mermaid who had a tv series), Dugong (A herbivorous marine mammal used as inspiration as one of Marina's antagonist), and Chocolate (Dugong's side kick).

Going back here is hard. Physically, emotionally, mentally most of all financially. Haha.

Back to the subdued mood.

While I was staying in Davao, I was informed that a friend of ours died that week. I will not disclose the reason why she died as not all people are privy to that information but I will say this:
Lora Dzen, was this fun vibrant morena girl who laughs and loves almost everything in the world. Thank you Lora for the brief time you spent with us in Davao.

"There are moments when I don't know if it's real..Or if anybody feels the
way I feel..but, I know that it's out there..There's got to be something for my
soul somewhere."
- From Lora Dzen's friendster page shout out.

I hope your soul found what it's looking for. You will always be in our hearts and will always be invited in all our night outs. Rest in peace my friend. I shall see you around soon enough.

One thing I learned when on vacation is to keep a margin of change on the itinerary and emotions on hold when everything doesn't pan out as planned.
The Cebu get away did not pushed through as one of the important person backed out on the last minute. The Baguio get away, well... let's just say me and the great one aren't ready to be alone in the city of pines just as yet.

I promise as soon as I get my gear together I shall be posting loads of stuff.

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