Filipina Featured in Free Bazaar Magazine Kuwait

5:33 PM

Myriad of emotions washed over me when I saw this page.
Ok fine, only a couple.

First emotion was amusement. Amusement because I recognized the face and the familiar smile. I exclaimed that this is ate Annie! The funny nail technician on this posh women salon along Gulf Road. How great it is to see a familiar face on a glossy magazine and a Filipina at that. My mother said the reporter was probably her neighbor and everything looked like it was all done in a rush. But then again that is my mother, sunny disposition and all.

Second was bewilderment. Bewilderment because the title said "A Day In The Life" but it wasn't about a reporter following her for the whole day and recording everything she does, like what a certain reporter I know does. It was more of like a fleeting general information of life interview. I should probably cut the writer some slack, as seeing that it's only a one page article and half laden with photos, and a mouthful of thanks for the feature.

All in all, the text and photos was pure entertainment especially to the people who knows her.

To Ate Annie:

Your boss said you're lucky you did not mention the name of your work place when you made them take a photo of your obscure feet and the rusty gate as your background. hehe.

From reel to real, you never changed.


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