ALWATAN TV - Coming Soon in Kuwait

3:43 PM

A friend asked me to spread the word around.

Why AL-WATAN Television...?

We are all aware that media in our modern world plays a vital role in general opinion and decision making.

It is established that television specifically comes in at the fore front of public communication as far as distribution is concerned and its impact on the viewer.
From this point, in connecting with all segments of society and youths specifically adapting and achieving their aspirations and assisting them to gain their full potential AL WATAN Television came into light as an independent television station capable of procuring productions other official television stations are not capable of handling.
AL - Watan TV will not stop to achieve viewer satisfaction creating a new vibe in the television business across the whole region.

AL WATAN television strategy has relied its current and future vision on several indices that convey its media policies including:
  1. Addressing public issues including political, economical and sociological responsibility and in bias manner paying dividend respect to the viewers intellects by providing both beneficial and entertaining content in addition to speed and coherence of coverage along with the ability to analyze it. AL WATAN will focal its news broadcasts on local issues that concern Kuwaitis and expats alike from both Arabic and international news issues. On another note the television's actual curriculum has been certified which is unprecedented in Kuwait through 24 hour coverage of local topics.
  2. Presenting programs comprising an array of genre's including entertainment, drama, comedy, music, and Kuwaiti varieties in a novel manner hoping to revive traditional Kuwaiti media values that have debilitated whilst simultaneously establishing new potential values.
  3. Adapting Kuwaiti talent in different disciplines, certifying youthful cadres rising to the occasion in parallel with the launch of cadres with both an established presence and eventful previous experience.
  4. Preserving the common values in our society and dissecting current issues through programs that certify both our Kuwaiti identity and our established heritage.
  5. Addressing fully issues concerning Kuwaiti youths.
  6. Novel technology and highly trained staff are elements that translate AL-WATAN television's media direction as we are beginning where other's could only hope to reach. Utilizing modern instruments and technologies mainly High Definition (HD) equipment itself an aspiration for the future of media in the middle east, surpassing in quality and precision in its clarity all other current instruments.

Hours of broadcasting: 24 Hours

Official broadcasting: August 2007

Programming type: Varied between live which will be aired directly and interactive with an audience present, game shows in addition to taped shows presented by skillfully selected presenters sequenced with highly poised execution staff of creative legends, directors, technicians and camera man.

I hope AL-WATAN TV delivers on everything that it said. I also hope that it's going to be expat friendly (e.g. some parts in English, even subtitles will do, as I know it's too much to ask to the network to make it all in English). It's great to know that things are really happening in Kuwait contrary to popular belief. I also would love to think that with this new venture comes vacant jobs. So yey!

Watch out for AL-WATAN TV people. Which channel?! Lolz. Beats me. Stay tuned!

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