Yema Balls

6:20 PM

Yema is my cousin Kenneth's all time favorite food. Yema is basically a milk and sugar candy confection great for kids and kids at heart. My cousin learned the ways of appointment and reservations through yema because before they come to our house, he calls in advance to make his yema order. Without fail.
I am no great cook because I am Dory's twin thus I forget the ingredients and procedures of everything no matter how many times I've done them. I usually end up experimenting and getting by with what's available. Thankfully, everything I've cooked so far were edible and some were superb. Honest. Cross my heart.

So when our maid was not available during Kenneth's farewell party in which he volunteered to bring Yema for 33 kids, it was up to my magical cooking prowess to make them.

I have only 3 main ingredients - oil, condensed milk and white sugar - in cooking them as opposed to the customary ones. I also only use a pan, a wooden ladle and bowl for materials.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Heat up the pan on low fire.

  2. Put on a tablespoon cooking oil.

  3. Pour the condensed milk and stir.

  4. Stir, scraping the sides and bottom of the pan to prevent scorching.

  5. When it thickens, turn off the fire and let it cool for five minutes.

  6. Place the white sugar in a bowl

  7. Using the laddle, get a small chunk from the pan.

  8. Form it into a ball using your hand.

  9. Drop and roll the yema ball on the white sugar.

  10. Repeat for the remaining mixture.

There are a lot of ways in making yema but this is the simplest no frills one I know.

Apparently, what I made was a hit not only to Kenneth's classmate but to also to his teacher. She asked him if she could take the rest of the yemas home.

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