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3:11 PM

I'm counting the days. Exactly 3 days from now i'm flying out of here! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! But everyone knows in order to have a stress free vacation, you get to scratch of everything in your checklist.

Checklist. What checklist?

In a nutshell, it's basically a list of series of stuff you need to do or bring and tick it as you finish. Great help to those unorganize, flighty and Dory people. Like me.

So here's mine.

  1. Pay Bills - During my formative years, nothing prepared me to the shock and terror in paying bills.
  2. Salon - A must to all ladies, even when not traveling, who doesn't want to look like a hairy ogre on their summer dresses.
  3. Change Money - I am now a proud owner of different currencies. I got Philippine pesos, Kuwait Dinars, American Dollars, UAE Dirhams and Thailand Bahts.
  4. PACK - Don't be fooled with the 4 letter word. Beneath it are gazzillions of what to bring and what not's. I am not inclined on tackling it today although I know I am only prolonging the inevitable.
  5. Online Check In - I'll do it 24 hours before my flight. I was told it's faster, easier and a great way to do especially during this time of amnesty and summer vacations. The airport will definitely without a doubt look like a hypermarket.
  6. Reconfirm Visa and Hotel Accomodations - I know I've been assured that they're all ready and no need to reconfirm. But hey it doesn't hurt to be sure.
  7. Remind TheGreatOne - of my ETA's and the airlines.
  8. Call Roaming Hotline - to turn off my Philippine Smart Roaming number and to turn on my Wataniya Roaming.
  9. Check and Book Local Flight Tickets - As I do not intend to stay in one place only, I have to straighten out my itinerary on when I can actually purchase them there.
  10. Finish hand over at work - Yikes!

I'm sure there should be more on this list but heck it's an adventure and i'm a pretty flexible person. NOT! Buwahahahahaha.

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