See You All In The Philippines!

3:36 PM

I'll be flying out tonight for Dubai to see friends and have some serious bonding with the Bullfrog at Rock Bottom. They rocked my world the last time I was there. So yey! I can't wait.

I have a very early flight tomorrow on towards Manila thus me thinks I shan't be getting a wink anytime soon.

Most of the vacations I went to have rough itinerary plans. Just rough because all able bodied travellers know that most of the time something will always go haywire.

Here is my rough itinerary for 2007 great adventure to the Philippines!

Upon arrival in Manila TheGreat one with TheGreatFriends will be picking me up and usher me to the sand and beaches heaven of Puerto Galera.
I promise a bigger photo post when I get there.

We were supposed to go to Lobo Batangas but ghosts and unseen creature stories of people around made us run to Galera.
After the beach we hope to conquer the mountains. Thus off we go to Baguio .

Communing with nature is well and great but feeding my inner senses of luxury will drive me to the brink of retail therapy. I'll be hitting the great malls of the Philippines for a true cold blood shopping.
I'm eyeing the Mall of Asia. It's the 7Th largest mall in the world that it's only fitting to pay tribute to it once again. I was not able to check out every stores the last time I was there despite the grueling 8 hours of walking around. I've read that in order to be able to get into all the shops, you need to spend 2 days on that place.

I don't know how I'm going to go to all of the above with the time frame that I have but I know I'll be seeing the beauty of Tagaytay.

To visit the coolest and high tech albino snake in the whole wide world. Gallivanting around Luzon is the best but my mom gave me a strict marching order to Davao City located on the other end of the country, Mindanao. My siblings relocated there to study in Ateneo De Davao University my supposedly Alma Mater. hehe. I'll be seeing college friends and hitting the town but the main part is spending time with my brothers and sister.
Time willing I'll be able to visit my beloved home town, General Santos City, also located in Mindanao. I have to pay homage to the city that nurtured my soul and to the old friends that was with me all those years. I know my grandmother can use a little bit of my sunny disposition as she is sick at the moment. A plan was also set with friends to fly over to Cebu City which is located right smack in the middle of the Philippines. Cebu is the last stop I'll be making before I fly back to Manila to spend the rest of my vacation with the GreatOne.

Making this itinerary is exhausting and not only once did I try to say to heck with all of it.

But I can't, because I know the best part is yet to come.

Pilipinas, are you ready?! :P

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