My - EXTREMELY SHORT - Arabian Adventure

12:50 PM

Rushing to the airport straight from work and lugging worth 6 kilos of hand carry is my idea of a blissful vacation.

Kuwait airport is a wet market due to the summer vacation as well as the amnesty.

The usual 30 to 1 hour check in took us 2 hours. My online check in did not help me a lot because they kept on transferring the booth and people kept on pushing and shoving each other. The zigzag line to the immigration was painstakingly slow but it doesn't matter because once we got over all those process we found out that our plane transferred terminal consequently delaying our flight.

My nerves at that time are shot but it's okay because I'm still hyperactive with excitement.

I love the Emirates airlines. I love their beautiful state of the arts big planes. I love how they gave you the option of choosing your own sit.
I love how they were able to pacify my fraying nerves once I got into Dubai by waving my name at the terminal exit. I love how their employees smiled at me when I said "good evening, I'm here for an Arabian adventure" in my perfect spoiled little girl voice.
I love everything that was happening so far until I got out of the airport.

I got out and met the taxi driver from hell.

I wasn't sure if I have that annoying aura because when I got in and told him I want to go to Regency Palace which is only a shot 15 minutes away he grumbled and muttered to himself but when I asked him if there's a problem he suddenly ranted about there is no problem but I could get out of his car if I want. Taken aback I kept quiet and figured he might be having a bad day. The 15 minutes ride took him 45 minutes and he wants to drop me at the parking lot at the emergency exit at the back of the hotel building. Whoever experienced getting dropped at the sleazy dark alley of the place requested unless you specifically requested for it. So naturally I asked to be taken to the front entrance which he responded that "I could try and cross the street and not bother him". He grumbled some more that I was almost at my wits end because it's already 11 p.m and I've been traveling for almost 8 hours. I asked him WTF is his problem as I'm paying him money even though I know I am being charged a lot considering the close proximity of my hotel. That shut him up until I get into right entrance.

By this time I am seriously considering botching the plan, rent a room and sleep everything off. But that would be cowardice so I squared my shoulder and pasted a tired smile on my face into Rock Bottom.

My Dubai friends are so great they already have my pasta and my bullfrog waiting for me. Unfortunately, the evil aura I got from the taxi driver hasn't worn off that I just picked on my food and stared at the bullfrog glass. I don't know how I managed to answer their questions because I know I did not carry a decent conversation except when I'm ranting about how Dubai taxi drivers should be psychologically tested.

All my crazy Dubai friends said was - "Welcome to Dubai!!"
They probably got tired looking at my stressed out disheveled face that they decided on proceeding to the main course.

Feeding me with shots of flaming drinks. I forgot the name but it sure was exhilarating it snap me out of my reverie.
Have I mentioned how great my Dubai friends are?!?

They are so great they made me dance the night away. I've never danced and had this much fun in Kuwait although in every party we have DJ's to liven out the night.
In Dubai, I felt free. Free from worries and responsibilities. I was just there to drink and have fun

The band wasn't that good but it was suitable for the night.
Especially when we have to play who's gay guessing game.
And playing spend all your money on drink shots with this lady.
The night was a lot of fun despite how it started. There are a lot of stomach squelching photos that I am pretty sure I'm not allowed to post here.

I had so much fun I locked myself out of my room. It took me 10 more minutes to finally figure out how to manipulate the doorknob. It was already almost 3 a.m.
My friend Kix went back with me to the hotel for some girl to girl talk until the sun came up and it's time for me to fly out again this time to the Philippines.

Thank you Dubai people! I had loads of fun. Although I am not going to do it all over again. I won't travel for 5 hours just to have 7 hours of fun. Next time, I will travel for 5 hours and have 96 hours of fun.

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