Inside My Head Is Fun

3:19 PM

Lately, I find myself cooped up inside my head. At work, at home, the ride in between, at the malls even when watching tv I am constantly inside my head.

I find it curious that I am not sick of me yet.

There are times I actually want to make the talking inside stop. Stop thinking. But I can't. As the whole process of wanting to stop thinking begets another thinking process.

I like it. In a schizophrenic kind of way.

When I was just a little kid, people applaud me for being able to write. They say that writing is a gift, a genius that needs to be enhanced. I can't figure out why as it doesn't seem hard. All I have to do is put down words. I love spelling bees and newspaper contest. I love making other peoples book reviews and essays. Even their autobiography. I sleep on exams except math because I get to finish them 15 minutes after start time.

When I was made editor in chief of our school paper, I wanted to show off thus whipping out the Websters thesaurus dictionary for the flowery words. Our adviser for the paper would have none of it. According to her public grade schoolers does not have the capacity to understand nor transcribe hard to understand words yet so I have to forget the dream of being a lexicon expert as long as I'm in elementrary. Unfortunately it stuck. I am no expert now. Me thinks not ever.

I still think writing is easy. But writing it in a soul searching, thought invoking, concise grammatically correct way is a lot harder.

This episode is brought to you by my inability to think outside my head as the inside is a very cozy sanctuary.

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