Freedom on Independence Day

3:16 PM

Today commemorates the Philippine Independence Day. The whole country has celebrated this truly amazing day with a long weekend.

Some has gone to their respective provinces to visit family, some went to the beach for some needed r&r, some went out to the malls to shop and have family dinner, but I know most stayed at home to relax and convene with their families.

The filipino people may not have the most peaceful celebration in the world, but one thing is for sure, the sense of patriotism is best observed. You will never see people spraying foams to other people cars on the streeets.

OFW's living here in Kuwait celebrate our country's independence with a series of shows. Last month Filipino artists were brought here to entertain our kabayans and then this month OFW's celebrated it with series of sports competitions and gathering organized by the Philippine embassy.

Sending home our stranded OFW kabayans big thanks to the amnesty given by the generous Kuwait government begets the above mentioned traditional celebrations.

I know 3 people personally who was in dire need of this amnesty and 2 have finally flown home within this month. One is only awaiting her scheduled flight. I wish them all good tidings upon returning to our home land to be with their family. Mayhap there, with the help of their love ones, they could start anew.

"One's freedom ends where the other person's freedom begins."
An excerpt from my favorite history teacher back in high school.

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