Crashed Creative Juices

5:36 PM

It's amazing the places your mind decided to work.

  • Long Taxi / Car rides

  • Bathroom / Toilet

And when it worked on both places, you get fabulous ideas you'll be sooo excited that you can't wait to blog all about it.

You're so excited you bounce around.

You're so excited you float on air.

Then reality got jealous it sneaked up on you. Made gravity pull you down.

DAMN right it does!!!!

I now walk around like I just gave birth to a huge elephant. Apparently my harummppphh and garummppphhh sounds are so funny people thought I'm on another labor, they can't stop laughing at me. Meanies even poked my behind just to hear me scream.

What's worst is... all those creative juices I was talking about?! All those bright ideas?! They're all gone! Probably spilled all over like gunk on the stairs.


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