Kuwait OFW

My - EXTREMELY SHORT - Arabian Adventure

12:50 PM

See You All In The Philippines!

3:36 PM
Kuwait Filipino Mafia

Freedom on Independence Day

3:16 PM
Living Loving Kuwait

He Graced Us With His Grey Eyed Presence

3:52 PM
Kuwait OFW

Travel Check List

3:11 PM
Book Slave

Heartfelt Apology and Tribute to the Book Gods.

7:48 PM
Living Loving Kuwait

Crashed Creative Juices

5:36 PM

5 Floors Down. 6 Feet Under. Howling Laughters.

6:16 PM
Book Slave

Life Long Addiction

7:15 PM

Digestive Disgust

6:02 PM
The Filipino Ways

Yema Balls

6:20 PM
Rants and Raves

Inside My Head Is Fun

3:19 PM

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