What not to do when on a crash diet.

7:34 PM

1. Stare at chocolates all day.

It's supposedly for test of will power. Out of 100%, I'll score myself a falluting 90%. Why? Because when my brain shut down, my hands sneaks a piece unto my mouth thus the 10% less.

2. Grin at your boss when she barked: "order 2 large pizzas for us". By us she meant, 4 women. 2 large pizzas?!

3. Eat 4 pieces out of that 2 large pizza order. I know it's not Pizza Hut's fault that they allow customers to order 2 or more different kinds in one box and that I have to absolutely eat each flavor.

4. Guzzle on a jumbo Fanta orange drink.

5. Throw your bag on the couch, walk straight to the kitchen, put rice on the bowl and top it off with any viand you could find.

6. Watch Dragon Balls with the kids and fall off to sleep after eating.

7. Walk the treadmill for an hour whilst reading Hannibal.

8. Swear at all the slow metabolism that can't seem to work right. Curse all your slim cousins, that happened to be all of them.

9. Sit in front of the laptop after showering. Sit and stare at it, even when you've been staring at another computer on another place for the past 8 hours.

10. Sleep when done surfing and staring.

**Do the same ritual again the next day. And the next. And the next. Next... Next.. >:B

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