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Four Jobs I Have Had
1. Copy Writer / Transcriptionist / Editor - When I first got here in Kuwait, I didn't immediately found a job due to my age. I was 20 at that time and there are slight problems when it comes to visa transfer. It was only part time but the pay was really good and the hours was mine. When I got my second job, I've neglected the former and slowly dwindled work until nada.
2. Admin Assistant / Data Entry - My first pay roll in a huge logistics company based in Britain.
3. Administrator - Got promoted. Still on the same company for 2 years now.
4. My mother's daughter - :) All daughters out there knows that it takes hard work to be your mother's daughter.

Four Movies I Watched Over and Over
This is hard coz I've seen and is quite fond with lots of movies :(
1. Basic Instinct - 1 and 2
2. Ana and the King <-- I've seen this for more than a dozen already! :) 3. If These Walls Could Talk 2 4. Land Before Time - All parts! Four Places I Have Lived
1. GenSan City
2. Davao City
3. Metro Manila
4. State of Kuwait

Four TV Shows I Like to Watch
1. Fox News
2. CSI - Las Vegas, New York, Miami
3. Hospital Oriented TV Series - House, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, even Bones :P
4. Everything on Cartoon Network

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation
1. Dubai
2. Thailand
3. Bahrain
4. All over Philippines :B

Four of my Favorite Foods
1. Sinigang na baboy with gabi. haha. with steamed rice of course!
2. Siomai. Sharks fin or pork or beef. Doesn't matter. I can't find siomai here :(
3. Deep Fried Chicken Biryani sold at Hilton Hotel Accomodation. I make a special trip just to have those >:P
4. Eggs. - All kinds of recipes with eggs.

Four Places I would rather be Right Now
1. Philippines
2. Hong Kong
3. Dubai
4. Maldives

Four People who will Answer this Tag
1. NiQa
2. Lestat_M
3. Magical Droplets
4. L's Brain

According to Riane --> All these 4 people I tagged should write in their blogs the 4s in their lives as required above. In the end, you also need to choose 4 people whom you like to be tagged and inform them by writing a comment in their blogs.

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