Rest In Peace Boss.

12:22 PM

My big but not immediate boss died of prostate cancer yesterday. I haven't spoken more than 3 words to him but I know he's a good person. He was one of those people who really cared about the well being of his staff. He's also one of those handful of big magnates that let's you call him boss.

Everyone in our department was given a day off yesterday as all of us were in a daze and cannot function well.

My father died of the same cancer almost 7 years ago.

Cancer and deaths around me taught me a lot of things.

  • Cancer is an evil conniving thing. Even when on remission it could strike like a snake and kill you.
  • It does not only kill the patient but also destroys the life of the family per se.
  • True love of God and family emerges during this dire situations.
  • Everyone will die and anyone could die of cancer.
  • I do not have a strong and balance coping mechanism.
  • I know because when my father died, I rebelled and relocated to a different city.
  • I know because when we were sent home yesterday, I went out to The Avenues and shopped.
  • But I do exorcise my demons and my faith. In my own time and in the right place.

Boss, may you be pain free and happy wherever you are. The world may continue to evolve without you but it sure is a lesser place now. Rest in Peace.

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