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~ Reality knocked me senseless yesterday. It proved once again that no matter how much I age, sensitivity is raging as ever.

~ This shout out was due for a long time now. Hello to that very special friend who have this innate ability to find everything she wants in the internet. Especially me and this blog. Hat's off to you mi amore and to the name that gave it away.

~ I never thought I have that courage to walk in front of someone and tell them up front that I want to attain that particular thing. Say... Another job promotion perhaps?

~ I will only get total gratification this week if that particular paper will be in my hands. It will make a dent, but I need it. It's a matter of life and death. Ok, just sanity.

~ That one of the reasons I made this blog - yes I do have an unselfish side of me - is to inform other people and/or fellow Filipinos through the world wide web about the personal side of living in Kuwait. By blogging as much as I can about the normal and not so normal days of my stay, I hope they will see that despite the news, there is a lighter side in Kuwait.

~ Have you been to this event?
Philippine independence day came early this year. Juan to Sawa sa Shaab Park is a pre celebration for the said event last April 27. I cannot say personally how it goes but 3 years of attending those events without fail except the latter, I'll say it's a breath of fresh air. Philippine local artists was rumored to be there - Nanette Inventor? Ogie Alcasid? or Ara Mina perhaps? And then there's the rides! Photos below were taken on another Pinoy event months ago still at Shaab.

What can you do if there's a lot of Pinoy's gathered in one place clamoring to see the local artists?

1. You can forget about them and just hitch a ride with one of this wagons. Sight seeing other kabayan's is much interesting than the artista's anyway.
2. If you're more of a driver, then go to the go cart area and drive your heart away.
3. If above is too lame for you, try and learn roller skating. And do the Michael Jackson break dancing moves.
Try and try until you break bones or die.
Or your bum does.
4. When you had too much humiliation for the day. Add more to the injury by riding the pony.
5. Or getting all mushy with Igor the locked up monster at the horror house.
6. You can also have a tour at Ripley's Believe It or Not Haunted Castle.

7. Extreme sports? Try the rollercoaster. And tell me all about it. hehe. Coz I'll never ride one even if you pay me.!.
8. You can also sit back, relax and marvel at the freak of nature we call humans mind who did this to the poor little chicks.
Shaab Park offers a lot of interesting stuff for the kids and the kids at heart. Aside from the above mentioned activities, there's Octopus, Bump Cars and you can lose all your money from those 1 KD games whether shoot a ring in the bottle or throw a ball on a ducks face to win you a purple dinosaur. I know I lost a lot before I got spotty.

~ Have you VOTED?!!?!? If not, please go to the Philippine Embassy at Jabriya NOW for the Senatorial and Local Government Election. I know for a fact it has been going on since last week. VOTE WISELY PLEASE

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