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6:44 PM

While reading a back copy of Bazaar magazine yesterday, it was hard not to notice the full page commercial of Q8 Auction.

Q8 Auction is basically a website, like EBay or Amazon, that specializes in trading. Seller sign up, post their items, buyers bid and with the right amount might just win and get it. For a price of course. They even have a fun feature to those who surf the web at work with this Boss is watching..Look Busy! page.

I heard a "ka-ching" in my head, checked out the site and signed up. I don't think there's a business blood in me but it never hurts to try right!? I am [insert evil laugh here] seriously considering putting on auction piles and piles of books, DVD's and other assorted stuff I could get my hands on. You ask why evil laugh? Evil because if you know me personally, you'll say - you?! give up your books?!Nooowaaayy!! - nuf said. For months now, I have also been thinking of selling garments from the Philippines and other countries we go on vacation to, without the hassle of business permits. I think this is the great way out of it.

So I am going to shamelessly do a plugging here for my stuff up for sale at that site. WATCH OUT for it. Pretty pretty please?! hehe.

You noticed that I jumped to the bandwagon again without doing my research. Please know that I am a firm believer of experience as the best teacher. So I'll close my eyes and ride with the wave.

Although a little information wouldn't hurt, so does anyone know more about this money making website? Say, somebody who's already earning money from it? lolz.

Lady Luck. Yooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need you more than ever, because I've never used Amazon nor Ebay in my entire life, thus I have no idea what I'm doing.

Browse for some items here.

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