3:31 PM

That is what I thought when early Thursday I woke up and saw...nothing. By nothing I meant I can't see anything beyond my window. Sand storm has hit Kuwait with full force while everyone was asleep and turned the whole country into color orange.
I know I haven't exactly captured the sandy moment and the photo is supposed to depict my point but it was taken from a running car, windows closed, late afternoon and all that so bear with me people.

Because Kuwait sand storm is only one fourth of this story.

Because come hell or high water...errrr...sand, it is not going to stop me from making the highest form of commitment of all time.

Say hello to my new adiction. I just hope that I could bear with it for the whole membership duration. That for once, this is a relationship I am not going to ruin with excuses and procrastination. I am really feeling good about this commitment, even though people around me has been insinuating that I only do this twice a year and that is only when I am going to the Philippines. Sue me for wanting to look good people!

Those kind of remarks make me want to go on edge and jump on the "Master Cleanse" band wagon wherein I'll only have water, lemon and some weird spice for 10 days or so. It works with Beyonce for that Dream Girl movie, why not?! But nooooooooooo. I promised myself that I am going to do it right this time. No fat burners. No Xenicals. No laxatives. Not even a freaking green tea. Just plain ole sweat baby!

To prove my determination, I tested myself by baking the American Lasagna. Determination does takes you a long way because despite the fact that I don't have most of the recipes which I kept checking from the laptop beside the stove, my lasagna turned out great. Vouched for by the greatest cheese addict I've ever known. I'd have taken a photo but I was too busy running away from the dish after it was done to even think straight.

The point is, there is something about sand storm that makes me want to go out, take on the world and live just like those people who starred on that OC show.

I'll have the fog over Sydney anytime over the sand storm here in Kuwait last Friday but like I said it is not going to stop me from doing what I want.

Like killing myself with the stairmaster.

And going out with The Old Ones after sunset - which means zero visibility and hell on highway 30 - for a cone of Baskin and Robbins Pralines and Cream, my mom's craving - ice cream cake chocolate mousse and that very special Deep Fried Biryani Chicken along Mahboula.

The ice cream were gone after 5 minutes but the Biryani Chicken was a flop. It did not taste like it used to. The sauce was salty and the rice isn't yellow. Pardon me for my ignorance people, I just eat my food and could comment on it but never ever ask me what's on it.

When mom commented on it, I, the smarty pants said, I've read last year they banned the poppy seeds from being mixed with foods. This thing probably tastes horrible even waayy before if not for those poppy seeds. They got us hooked! Should we sue?!

Did you also got high with your weekend people?

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