Office Circulation Now Comes From Blogs!

3:41 PM

My co-worker handed this to me.

What's special about this is the initial at the bottom of the email. The cicrulation was taken from a blog. It came from, K.TheKuwaiti , this famous Kuwaiti blogger. I say famous because he was just featured at Kuwait Times - Friday Edition at one time about blogging.

This is what the email said, as also posted on his website.

New Kuwait Numbers - 06Mar07

MOC has realized that we are running out of numbers and announced that it
will be adding an extra digit. The change should become cleared within the
following weeks; from what I've heard:

Wataniya will add a 6

6123456 = 66123456

MTC will add a 9

9123456 = 99123456

Landlines will add a 2

53812234 = 25381234

Speacial numbers (starting with 1 or 8) will add a 1

107 = 1107

801801 = 1801801

Update: This is the official news from the MOC, the change will be taking
place on June 1st 2007.

The general officemate theories on the news above:
  1. The additional numbers are only applicable to the new numbers. Ergo, sim card and phone lines that hasn't been used yet or on sale. Which makes sense to me!
  2. Our old number will definitely be 8 digits instead of the regular 7. Which doesn't make sense because it will take them back to the original problem of running out of numbers to issue.

What do you think?

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