K Climb @ Marina Waves

12:19 AM

Once upon a time, when I was 30 pounds lighter I was able to climb this wall. I had fun. Lots of fun than I ever had in my 3 years here in Kuwait combined.

Not only did it made me feel healthy in a twisted kind of way because I've never felt heavier in my entire life until I was dragging myself up to the top, it also made me feel in control and somehow on top of the world.
The point is ladies, gays, and gentlemen I would like to invite you to drag your ass up the wall as a challenge to yourself at K Climb @ Marina Waves. I promise it will be worth your while. While you were there, look for Lino, he's this not so small Filipino guy with big muscles and a hearty laugh who could cheer you up to the top.

You don't have to be an expert to climb. All that is required is sheer determination and your KD. I am not sure how much it costs because my climb was free. hehe. I think it's about 2 to 4 KD per hour including the harness, will power coach slash camera man if you want your moment to be recorded like the one above. And no, my climb wasn't free because I am endorsing it here, I don't get enough traffic to give them that much revenue.
I am highly recomending this to all you people out there to go climb your butt of so that you would stop whining on how boring Kuwait is. hahaha. JOKE!

Seriously, it was fun. If you're reading this blog it means like me, you spend most of your days burning less than 2000 calories a day sitting infront of the computer. Change the routine! The more you have to try K Climb, the nearer you could get to extreme sports and a great view to boot!

Or you could just keep on reading more posts. hehe.

If you're interested and doesn't know where Marina Wave is head on to Gulf road, look at the right side when nearing Marina Mall, after the Hard Rock cafe you will see that satellite with ship sails waving at you, then my dear friends, you are looking directly at Marina Waves. There is a Japanese restaurant, coffee shop and a chocolate place for those who want their sugar rush before the climb.
Try, enjoy and tell me all about it! Maybe someday, when I'm 30 pounds lighter again, I'll get to finish that wall :)

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