The Intentional Hiatus

4:26 PM

Not that I am hiding or worst got nothing to write about but for days I am not in a bloggable mood.

There are in fact a lot to blog about. Such as our trip to Rwanda The International Veterinary Clinic, drilling dinner at Crowne, the day in the jungle called Centrepoint, our Hanouf visit, meeting new kabayans - especially a Filipina who was overtly enthused to meet another human being who actually hails and go to the same school she hugged me, getting a hair cut on my mother's kitchen, HELL exam week for PIES student and many many more.

All those will be posted later. When I am not annoyed. Everything annoys me lately. Even this blog annoys me. I confirmed this sickness of annoyance when I was on the brim of screaming to the kids I tutor and their parents. Gad. How many times do I have to repeat the Roman Numerals to 60 something years old who swears there is no such thing as Hindu Arabic numerals. He even wants to complain to the school principal. Gaaaaah.

Now that, deserves a good scream.

Google AdSense also deserves a good thrashing for totally losing my AdSense account. Okay, it's probably my fault for changing my user name, but heck it is the same account. After hours of configuring the freaking website, I gave up. And deleted all the AdSense link in this site. Good riddance. My mom said it's probably just a scam. Enough people are earning from it to spread the word but lots are getting creamed.

I think the lack of overwhelming and fattening foods as well as the lack of social life are getting to my brain thus making me cranky and annoyed all the time. It doesn't help that my folks, The OldOnes, are really definitely absolutely flying out to Dubai early Wednesday morning to jam with Aerosmith this weekend. Argh.

These are my happy 2 cents worth of thoughts for the day. Life is annoyingly great.

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