I blame GMA Channel on Kuwait Orbit Cable

11:46 AM

For my cranky mood this morning.

Until now I can't believe that I stayed up to 3 a.m. to watch a silly, corny Filipino romantic movie.

Before I become a bore with my blabber on how silly the movie was yet I can't stop staring at the tube, let me phrase that this is a venting blog. And venting means long crass story nagging telling.

Starred by Richard Guttierez and Angel Locsin (not a fan of both) , the movie was entitled "I Will Always Love You". I should have taken the hint from the title itself but nope, I lay there immobile and stared for hours.

The story line was a all enduring love affair of two very young people who met through an accident. I never actually saw the beginning but I knew that Richard fell in love with Angel while they were still in High School. Being the typical pinoy setting, the guy is rich and the girl is poor and a heart condition to boot.

These two fell inlove and corny scenes appeared. There was riding the bike. The running around in a garden. The sitting by the dam and talking about anything and nothing. There was also the heart wrenching standing in the rain until the girl let him in because he lied about his parents. Yep, a movie wouldn't be good without a antagonist. And this time it's the guy's mother (duh). Belonging in a social circle comes the standards. Upon learning of her son's poor girlfriend the mother sent the son to the U S of A to study.

The story became surreal after this. First because one of the love birds (gift from the guy) died. Now, we all know that if one dies the other one will follow because of loneliness. So the guy decided he wants both of them to study in the states. By doing that, he sells his car, told the girl he wants her with him there and that his parents approved. Not only that they will shoulder all the expenses. Passport and visa was applied and approved without the knowledge of both their parents.

When the girl's mother knew, she was adamant about not letting her daughter go. Not until she saw her daughter crying at the veranda because one of her love birds died too.

Off they go and lived the american dream. Again the corny scenes ensues. Running around parks. Kissing on the tram. Shouting at the world while on a yacht. Duck watching. Tickling. You know all those corny stuff that all of us wants to experience even for once in our life.

They both went to the same school and the guy gives the girl money for allowance while leaving little to himself. To support both of them, lover boy took small paying jobs. The girl also works as nanny and flyer girl but since she doesn't know about the real deal she sents the money to her family back in Pinas. Being a rich kid- house in San Francisco overlooking the bay, his own maid and all that - the guy was experiencing fatigue and sickness.

On their anniversary - yes they survived a year there - the guy pawned his genuine Rolex for 400$ to buy a ring for his girl. The girl bought a silver bracelet for her guy thinking that it goes well with his watch.

Everything was a fairy tale until the mother came to visit dragging another girl she thought fit for her son. Now, remember that the guy's parents doesn't know about the girl being there because they were opposed to it in the first place. The girl thought they were great people because she has been emailing with the mother. The email in fact goes to the guy on which he always replies with kindness pretending to be his mom.

Imagine the dilemma the guy faced and the scenes happened after his mom found out. Confrontation the filipino way is always the best because it has the you're-nothing-but-a-worm kind of dialogues. Especially if it's done by the award winning actress Jean Garcia.

The girl went back to the Philippines while the guy battled with his mom by going out on his own to become a working student.

Three years later, the girl met her old high school classmate and become his fiancee. The guy went back too late for the girl but his mom finally realizing her mistake urged her son to fight for his love. Thus the wedding scene. The running away in a brides dress, kissing the other guy in front of your supposedly husband and in-laws got me all eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now don't get me wrong. Although I may have sounded like it's a terrible movie, it is not. There are certainly worst movies out there and don't let me start on that. Fans of the leads and the desperately romantics will be willing to overlook the glaring flaws of this movie.

Since I am not a fan of the lead, does it make me a desperate romantic? Maybe. The whole reason while I can't seem to get to sleep until that movie ended was because it made me feel like I was in high school again. It probably has something to do with the song on which the title was derived. It was a hit during my younger days and I will always connect that song with the love stories of before.

Corny and silly as the movie was, it made me grin and yes sometimes cry. Although unrealistic as it is, there are some truth's to the story. One of which is the hope that someone would love you enough to do everything in their power just to be with you. To hop on a plane and live thousands of miles apart from home just to be with you. That someone would love you enough to run from security of marriage and money to just be with you no matter what.

Standin' by my window
List'nin' for your call
Seems I really miss you after all
Time won't let me
Decide thoughts to myself
I'd just like to let you know
I wish I'd never let you go
And I'll always love you
Deep inside this heart of mine
I do love you
And I'll always need you
And if you ever change your mind
I'll still, I will love you
Wish you'd never left me
But love's a mystery
You can break a heart so easily
The days and nights we knew
How much I feel for you
Time has come for me to see
How much your love has meant to me
And I'll always love you
And if you ever change your mind
I'll still,
I will love you
Time, like a river, keeps on rollin' right on by
Nothin' left for me to do
So I watch the river rise
And I'll always love you
Deep inside this heart of mine
I do love you
And I'll always need you
And if you ever change your mind
I'll still, I will I'll still, I will, love you

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