Hilton Kuwait Staff Day

7:20 PM

After work last Wednesday, I received a call from one of the "Kuwait Pinoy Mafia", inviting me to Hilton for the annual Staff Day.

A little disgruntled with work, I kicked off my Aldo shoes for my more comfortable Havaianas.

Humongous burgers that ridiculously cost 11 KD greeted me at the beach.
Before I was able to take a couple of bites, somebody handed me a couple of ice cream for the heat.
Suffice to say that's all the bite I could muster as I've gobbled down the fries instead. There is just something about giant burgers that is unappetizing.

According to the staff, Hilton Hotel Kuwait provides a lot of incentives for the staff. And this was one of them.

The management had a tent built so that staff could sing their hearts out.
Inflatable slide device for the children and volleyball court for the energetic young at hearts.
For the water creatures, a speed boat complete with a banana ride was available.

Kayaking and other swimming materials was also provided for those who wish to explore more of this gulf part of Kuwait.

Fifteen minutes upon arrival, I was relaxed like I spent the whole day gallivanting down the beach. Despite the glaring heat and the sun, coming there was worth it. My frayed nerves has reconnected with me once again and I was able to enjoy the sound of sheer delight and see the staff put down their guards on their working turf.

Hilton is one of my family's favorite in Kuwait. They have great staff and no I am not biased just because most of them are Filipino's. It's that whenever I am there, it exudes a relaxing atmosphere. The whole ambiance is different than others. Probably because of the beach mile stretch or the assorted delicacies they offer from their numerous restaurant such as The Blue Elephant or The Song Bird. Their spa isn't too bad either. It has a huge aqua medic pool, jacuzzi and numerous treatment rooms for expats affordable prices.
My family has spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and all kinds of occasions at the Hilton, so far it hasn't disappointed us yet.

From what I could see that day, they are not doing too bad with their staff either.

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