Going to Have a Gloomy Weekend?

2:33 PM

Why not pat your back, sit back and relax with a movie marathon. Or a tv series.

It is a Kuwait fact that original DVD's are overpriced thus making people drive to Hawalli, Salmiya, Kuwait City or even Fahaheel for the pirated copies. "Authentic copy" as my favorite Indian pirate would advertise it.

If you're not too keen on facing the crazy weekend traffic, relax, you can order and have it delivered right at the comfort of your home. Just log on to the internet and go to the following websites:

1. MACDVD'S - I have a subscription but I never really get to use their services. Aside from DVD's they also sell computer and it's parts. They are also great in emailing you about their monthly collections. Too bad it's really not that recent as until now, they don't have Grey's Anatomy season 3 on their website.

2. Q8 DVD'S - I stumbled upon this recently thus I can't say much about it except that when I tried to order Grey's Anatomy Season 3, it costs me 2 and 1/2 KD more than when I got it from my favorite pirate store. I was also impressed that they have the tv series that I have been looking for since forever.

Both websites boast of their ability to deliver it right at your doorstep any time that it's convenient for you. The former charges a 3 KD delivery and the latter boasts of free delivery for orders more than 5 KD.

Personally, I'll just drive down to my favorite pirate store and haggle with the Indian pirates. Even if he really doesn't lower his 1 KD per DVD price, at least I got amused with the haggling game of his "authentic copies".

Enjoy your weekend Kuwait!

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