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2:35 PM

I was so ready for a quiet weekend. Before I knew it everything went nutty as a fruitcake.

First the conversations.

Me: Looks cool. This one got attitude.
Ma: I agree. *Nodding her head vigorously*
Me: Haha.
Ma: What?
Me: I just told you *pointing* that wall got attitude.
Ma: Never mind. I said yes.

Me: (While watching Discovery Channel). Ma, what do you call that thing that you can make a whip out of it's tail? You know with that flappy fins?
Little-8-yrs-old-kid: Sting ray.
Me: Jeezz. Thank you very much. I wasn't asking you.
Little-8-yrs-old-kid: Seriously.

Then the crazy weekend

Everyone knows how exciting it is to go on vacation especially if you're going back to your home country.
My excitement got the best of me that I booked myself online on a stopover package deal through Dubai. 6 weeks before the actual date and 1 week after I submitted my leave application at work which is still pending for approval. Exciting. Yay.

When booking online with Emirates Airlines there will be 5 days to pick it up at their main office at Al Shuda'a St., Kuwait City.

I went last Wednesday. To make a very long and annoying story short, after 3 three tavel agents, I did not get my ticket and everything got jumbled with the visa legalities.

On the way home, I pondered over the things they said and was like - wait the freaking minute - the website doesn't say anything about those freaking requirements. I am only going to be there for 12 hours. I called their customer service, told her my situation and guess what she said? She said I only need to present my passport and that's it. Yes, that's it. Which of course got me mad because Kuwait City isn't really a walk in the park.

I went back the next day. Thursday. I was all ready to glare and show them a little flare of my attitude but fortunately I was assigned to a different agent. He was very helpful although like the agent from the other day doesn't know a thing about their stop over package. I was referred to their holiday section and the other agent there said it's not to her but to the first agent I went to. Going back and ready to blow, I asked what's going on and the ever helpful agent said he will take care of it. And he did. And I was pacified and thankful eventhough it took him an hour to arrange for everything. I don't care. I'm finally going. Oh. Except that I have to wait 7 days for my visa to get approve. I'm not worried.
I have my ticket.

I am definitely going.

After that little episode with the airlines, I did not feel like going home so I dropped by Marina Mall.
When at Marina Mall I have my own special route. I always go to Virgin Records first and from that left side, scourge all the stores.

I could not resist the pull of the book sections at Virgin's no matter how sinful their price range are. I stumbled upon "I'm In No Mood For Love" by Rachel Gibson for easy reading as well as a good laugh and my own brain drain pushed me to take the latest book of Paulo Coelho's "The Witch of Portobello". I am now a proud owner of all Coelho's book. If only I attended all my philosophy class back in college and put all those books in good use.
From the very first step I took on that Mall, I had this nagging feeling of guilt. I assumed it was the guilt that was instilled on me by mom earlier when I told her about the Stella McCartney shoes for Adidas that I found at Mark and Nat's website.
At the mall I keep hearing that annoying voice inside my head. It felt like I was commiting some heinous crime by just being there.

The guilt was too much. I couldn't bear it that it drove me to buy a shirt at Zara. I knew that in every step I take I am getting nearer to that much coveted shoes.

The guilt was too much that when I was browsing the Swatch stall, I took a fancy at their Swatch Bijoux "LuLudia" Jewellery Collection.

I realized now that fancy was a simple word. Desire was more apt.
I desired it so much I told the guy I want the whole set. Thinking that they were priced in group shows just how naive I am. They were individually priced and I only knew when the guy was processing the sales for me. The entricately flower designed silver watch alone costs me 27KD, the bracelet 12Kd and well, I don't want to think how much the necklace and the ring costs me anymore. All I could think of was, goodbye Stella's navy blue shoes.

Eventhough I did not get that shoe because the impulse buyer in me resurfaced again, I did not regret my buy. I love the Bijoux because 30 minutes after, it did not trigger the skin sensitive in me for itchy outbreaks. You see, my hands will not tolerate long wear time from any metals aside from gold.

Broke but bejewelled I run home to give my wallet a little breather.

My wallet did got the breather it deserved but not me. I haven't sat for a full minute before everyone in the family rush out to solve some crazy ala big drama tv series. Which of course got us all hungry. Which in return got us all feeling bad for eating a lot so we swam that lasts the next day until we burned.

It's amazing how your parents can drop you over an Aerosmith Dubai Concert this May 31st just because they cannot control theBotherBrother on those kind of crowds. What about me? I'm controllable!?! Hey!!! Darn it.

Crazy weekend. Crazy parents. What more could I ask for?! :)

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