Every Month They Come, Like A Pesky Woman's Cycle

7:09 PM

This is not a complain post. If you heard Linda on the radio the past 3 days about a certain socio experiment in complaining. I tried not to complain 3 days ago. In fact, the whole office tried. But considering that it's the end of the month, and reports are due, we did not last that long.

Promise. This one is not a complain post.

This is about the Overseas Filipino Workers dilemma every end of the month. Once the date 28 arrives until the 5th of next month, we are bombarded by text messages. Text messages from the Philippines. It is expected. It is one of the reasons why we went abroad. But there are times, times such as this that it really grates to your bone. Ok. My bone.

This week, my inbox was filled with nothing but people asking to borrow money and promising to pay me back as soon as they can. I am not greedy nor a cheapskate. I just don't understand why the whole month nobody remembered me until salary week comes. It happens every month and I can't say no because it makes me feel guilty like i'm burning in hell. Nevermind that I was never paid back.

Bottom line is, I earn my keep, we all earn our keep out here. We don't just pick the money from the streets. The only reason why when on vacation we seem like mucho dineros and can afford to feed people for weeks on end like fiesta is because we scrape and save whatever we can out here.

I have heard a lot of OFW's complaining (ooopppsss the C word!), about their children, parents, friends texting them only every end of the month. Regardless of the fact that Smart and Globe roaming numbers are rampant here. Again for the benefit of those left back home, so that it will only cost them 1 peso per text.

People in PI should realize that it is hurtful to text people only when you need them or their money. At least text a week or so with sweet nothings before you ask for money. Believe me, OFW's are so gullible and so easy to please you might just get the exact amount.

This is not about the money. Money was never the issue. This is about the pesky texts.

I am such a big fat liar. This was a complain post.

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