Balto Adventures: Kuwait International Veterinary Clinic

1:43 PM

Balto, my pseudo surrogate half brother of a dog is such a spoiled and pampered little thing that TheOldOnes gives him nothing but the best in everything.

Like having his hair cut.

Who ever heard of staying overnight in a plush place just to have a little trim?

Balto had that - in no other place that could best offer a relaxing service for both the dog and the owner - at the Kuwait International Veterinary Clinic.

For years they gave our family great service and had once saved Balto's life. Ok, that was PAWS but we rescued him from the clinic. The story was he got lost one day. Many of us animal lovers knows how traumatic it is to lose them especially if you live here in Kuwait that is infested with chickenshit people who are afraid of domestic animals. Yes, even a small little kitty. So he was lost and we frantically posted fliers and emailed people. Thankfully PAWS contacted us that someone found Balto and took her to the International Clinic to be put to sleep that very night. The person who took him there called us and although she wasn't very nice we're still thankful that she didn't run over our dog with her car. The people at the clinic knew Balto even waaayy before but knowing that there's a lot of Japanese Spitz around they can't be too sure thus they named him Snowball. Frigging Snowball.

That incident last year probably shook him up to the core that when he noticed that we're heading that way again he was shivering and couldn't sit tight in the car. It wasn't a pleasant experience as the clinic is eons away from civilization located at Wafra.

But when we arrived he had a great time running around this wonderful oasis. The place looks like a celebrity ranch or an hacienda or something that promises fabulous result.

It does deliver great results albeit for a very steep price. I guess when you want good hygiene, peace of mind and luxury you have to invest.

There are other vet clinic around Kuwait - this needs a totally different post - but this is so far exceeded our expectations. The clinic offers a variety of services from grooming, to room and board for those pets whose owners need to get out of a country for days, to arranging official travel papers for pets as well as behavioral training courses. For convenience sake I highly advise those who plans on acquiring their service to call and book for appointment as they are a very very busy place. For more information please go there or in their website .

I'm going to give their service a 4 and their spa like place a 5.

If there's money left with you yet and you're still up to pampering your pet, you could drop by the IVH Pet Shop beside the main building. They have a lot of fun stuff from beds to basketball pet jerseys to toys.
This place is guaranteed to give you and your pets a stress free day.

And oh, Balto looked fabulous.

As usual.

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