Approved! Dubai Visa Through Emirates Air

3:41 PM

*me doing the jiggly dance on my swanky boots and dear ole Mr. Emirates.* photo was taken last winter - see the boots - for instances such as this

I got a call from the Emirates office today and was told my Dubai visa has been approved. He said I don't need to drop by their office to get a copy of it as it is already on the system. Which makes me a little uncomfortable though because immigration officers are like a box of chocolate. You'll never know what you're gonna get. I prefer having a printed document in my hand, having said that, the guy told me I could request it at the check - in counter at the airport. Hhhhhmmm. I'm planning to do the online check-in though, fast track anyone?! I hope it will make a difference.

Pacify me please. I'm so excited. Yahooooooooooooo.!. This vacation is going to kick ass.

After I got the call, my manager said that my leave application was approved by the client too. Double Yey.!.
My mom asked, what will I do with all the arrangements and tickets I bought, if ever the application wasn't approved?!
I have no idea.
Talk about stupidity spontaneity.

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