Amnesty Chance for Illegals in Kuwait

2:11 PM

Since the start of the year underground has been buzzing with "amnesty intelligence".

Today, Amnesty is no longer a rumor. It is finally here and illegal expats in Kuwait can finally go home or be legal.

But what exactly does amnesty do? Is it like Survivor wherein a contestant win a game to get a weird looking artifact as a symbol of amnesty and will be exempt from exile? In a sense yes, but this time, Kuwait amnesty is no game.

Here are the basic facts to know about all about Amnesty in Kuwait.

  1. Amnesty comes after First Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior and Defense Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah’s decision to grant two months amnesty which allows residence law violators to leave the country without paying any penalty.
  2. All those expatriates whose residence permits or visit visas have expired can leave Kuwait through any exit point.
  3. People who have lost their passports and received new ones should bring two personal photos and get permission to leave the country from the nearest Immigration Department.
  4. The amnesty, which will last from May 1- June 30, 2007, allows violators to leave Kuwait through any border without the need to get permission from any second party and gives them the right to return to the country.
  5. Violators who want to correct their illegal status without leaving Kuwait have the option to pay the necessary fine and complete the required procedures to get residence permits irrespective of their nationality.
  6. Indicating expatriates who have a travel ban because of their failure to attend to work can leave through any border. However, those who have such a ban imposed on them due to criminal cases should approach the concerned judiciary authorities to clear their names before leaving.
  7. Expatriates who have been banned from traveling by investigation authorities based on criminal charges should correct their residential status during the case process, else they will be deported when the case closes.
  8. Those who are banned from traveling due to financial dues should go to the Executive Department at the Justice Ministry to correct their situation and avail the amnesty.
  9. On newborn babies of violators, parents or relatives of such infants should go to the Immigration Department meant for family visas and amend their situation during the amnesty period. Otherwise they will be deported when the amnesty ends.
  10. On expatriates who are unable to get their passports from their sponsors, such people should get new passports and travel documents, and correct their situation to get residence permits based on legal procedures. Otherwise they should leave the country within the amnesty period. If they don’t do either they will be deported after the amnesty period.
  11. Violators who have filed complaints to get their belongings and want to take advantage of the amnesty should appoint an agent to follow up their cases. Or they should get residence permits based on legal procedures during the amnesty period. Failure to do so will result in their deportation when the amnesty ends.
  12. Citizens and expatriates are urged to use the amnesty to help violators who are under their sponsorship, adding “citizens should encourage such violators who are under their sponsorship to use the amnesty or correct their condition by getting new residence permit as per the law.”

All they have to do aside from mentioned above, is check out their embassy's - Philippine Embassy of Kuwait - for the Kabayans

or go to:

Address: Area 7, No. 103, Villa 503 Jabriya Postal Address: P.O. Box 26288
Safat 13123 State of Kuwait Telephone No.: (965) 534-9099, 534-5762 Fax No.:
(965) 532-9319 Office Hours: 8:00 am –4:00 pm Saturdays to Wednesdays.

Present their plane tickets then they will be given numbers and dates to go back again to claim their exit papers before their flight date is due.

I firmly believe that Kabayans should make use of this opportunity, as it is very dangerous to be illegal here in Kuwait.

See Arab Times Online and OFW Life, where I got the informations above.

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