TSC Rewards Program

7:19 PM

After a hard days work, I decided to relax and hit the mall once again.

The annoying yell of SALE! SALE! SALE! advertisement at 99.75 FM closed the argument of whether to splurge or not to splurge on a new outfit for this weekend's party made me go to Centrepoint once again. But as expected, there was nothing new since I've been there last.

Nothing new on Zara, Aldo, Mexx, TopShop or Oasis either. Which gave me a mixed feeling or relief and disappointment. Relief because I know if I looked hard enough in my closet I will discover that I still have new clothes begging for my attention. Disappointment, because no self respecting shopaholic would be totally happy for not buying anything.

I went out of the mall dejected when I saw the Sultan Center across the street. I remembered that I have accumulated 400 something points in their TSC Rewards Program - many thanks to my mom and my aunt once again - which gave me a brilliant idea of redeeming them.

The program gave their consumers 4 redeemable options.

I was not sure on how much in actuality my 400 points is. I approached the lebanese guy at the counter and he was very helpful albeit not clear in explaining about the rewards. I found out that the points I accumulated has to be divided by 4 which gave me 100 KD reward. I was like WHOA baby!

I asked him about the 1 KD voucher in which I got a vague reply of being given a sultan center voucher to use for grocery shopping. I had a different idea when I read "cash back voucher". I really thought i'll be given hard crispy KD bills.

The frequent flyer miles was my first choice when I started begging my family to punch in my rewards card ID whenever they grocery shop. I wanted to save it for my plane ticket on my vacation at the Philippines. The first dilemma was I am not a Kuwait Airways club member and I won't ever be one as some of you people know why. The helpful lebanese guy told me that it's no problem, that I could fill out a form and they will forward it to the airlines. Which left me mystified because like I said I am not a club member so how would they even track it!?!

I finally ditched the idea of acquiring a free plane ticket and moved on to Wataniya Local SMS and/ or Talk Time. According to the little asterisk it's for prepaid but the smart ass in me asked if postpaid is also applicable. The ever helpful lebanese guy told me with an unsure look that yes they also cover postpaid, that all I have to do is fill out a form again and they will forward it to Wataniya so that it could be credited to my account. The only thing is that it will take a week for it to get credited. Uh ok - I said - what if it wasn't credited? And my line is still cut off?! - hahaha yes my line is cut off as I used my monthly airtime waaaaayy over the limit - the ever helpful lebanese guy with a big chest said that if it happens I should go back to him and he will sort it out for me.

I guess from now on it's a waiting game. I know as of 2.55 p.m my line is still blocked but my TSC reward points has already been deducted. This thing better works.

For all of you who wants to check out the TSC rewards program and/ or your accumulated points you know what to do. Google it!

Disclaimer: The event above all happened within under 5 minutes so if I misunderstood anything, blame it on my innate ability fast track everything.

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