Pacman Wins!

4:53 AM

A little late but nonetheless who really cares :)

Manny Pacquiao proved once again that he got the Filipino hearts and spirits wrap around his little red gloves. 8 rounds and he won over Solis in a 12 round fight held at Texas U.S.A

Below are the snapshots I took over 4 nights ago courtesy of GMA TV aired on Orbit Cable.
Pacman ramming it on Solis.

Solis down for the first time on 8th round.
The countdown on Solis final drop.
Pacman Wins!
Reeling from the lost.
Aaaaawwww now don't cry.
Let it be known that I am not a big Pacman fan. Not even when I live in the same city with him. Which means I don't intend to vote him, even when his reason is to help the poor and do it while he's still famous, and also because I am not a registered voter. Ha!
So why am I ranting and raving about him? Simple, he won and put the Philippines name yet again on the boxing map, he made my kababayans happy around the world, he made us all proud and that my friends are enough reason to be worth blogging about.
Congratulations Pacman! Please stick to boxing, believe me you're much better off there.
For more information google him.

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