New Age Era.

1:38 AM

I am 23 years old today. 23 years old and I am loving the 8 years old feeling.

I woke up on the couch from the blaring noise of Powerpuff Girls and the awesome aroma of sizzling bacon. After taking my first breakfast of the new age era, I went back to the couch and logged in on the internet.

The whole day later, I've finally succeeded in furiously typing IM thank you's to everyone who remembered. Who said there is no life in staying at home to surf in the internet? Who said only geeks can sit for hours and days even in front of the computer? Who said I don't have a life? I do. I am just temporarily separated from my 5 hours difference away kind of life. Enough ranting.

The family decided on having a birthday dinner for me but can't decide on where to go. You have no idea how hard it is to think of a place when you stopped going out and living 6 months ago.

Mom said the Atlantis in Marina Hotel, but an inside information told her not to because of sucky service due to their head chef resignation. Check. Totally Fish? mom tried it and she said the price doesn't justify the food nor the service. Check. No TexMex food for this occassion, that means no Tumbleweed. Check. No japanese food because eerr we're more into stomach filling food gorging dinner. Check. Finally, we decided on that seafood place (nobody could remember the name) at Crowne Plaza.

That seafood place is called Al Noukhaza Seafood Restaurant.

We chose it because that's the first place we went to on the first day that I arrived here in Kuwait almost 3 years ago. And boy, the place and the service has changed a great deal since then.

Fish stinks to high heavens 5 feet away from the main entrance.
The food wasn't up to par from our expectations. Crab meat tastes like flour, fish biryani rice is so spicy I could cry, lobsters were too overcooked it shrunk. Ranting about it more would only demean the whole celebration, so I won't. Besides, my brother did enough cursing for all of us.
Thank God for shrimp cocktails, hilarious Indian wedding stories and airport KGL porter horrors, I had a blast anyway.

Additional blast courtesy of the "forget-me-not" guy.
Seriously, why would anyone wear that? I'm guessing major separation anxiety issues.

This is not the end of the celebration yet, this is only a start of a week long party! Stay tuned.

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