How's your long albeit another Kuwait weekend?

7:25 PM

Mine was so so.

I wasn't in the mood to utter the standard "oh it's great" reply, when it really was just a so-so anyway.

Let me tell you about my so-so weekend.

I went ga-ga over this beautifulamazinglovely giant of a flower arrangement last Wednesday that was sent in our office. It made me want to buy one for myself because it's highly unlikely that i'll receive that from some fans club.

It's huge and I can't stop smiling like crazy over the flowers. Eventhough it isn't mine. I love it. Because it's huge, it's pretty and it made me grin like crazy.

Little did I know that for the coming 46 hours that was the last time i'm ever going to smile. For I spent the whole night and my whole Thursday on a Grey's Anatomy tv crying freaking series marathon. I think it's the birds of paradies and all those flowers fault that I wasn't able to contain my tear ducts every time somebody dies in the OR.

By 26 something episodes of season 2, I was so ready to puke that I decided to get out for some fresh air.

Destination Kuwait City. Which should be enough of a reason to declare me brain dead.

Because Kuwait City specifically at the UTC area isn't really the most relaxing not to mention safest place.
This is the place where you get your boobies elbowed or your butt grabbed by women depraved men.
This is the place where you could faint 500 kilometers away from the throngs of people were the nasty nasty smell eminates from.
This is the place where men stalks women. I remembered the first time I was stalked for almost an hour despite my effort to evade the sleazy guy was one of the traumatic experience. I finally got him off my back when I went inside a bookstore at RCBC bldg. and asked for help, right then and there composure be damned I cried in the midst of very comforting 2nd hand books.

Anyhooo, I went there and discovered the "Miya Miya" translated to me as the "hundred phils (cents) store".

These kind of stores are usually found in the building basements selling all kinds of things from RTW's to cheap alcohol colored perfumes to different variations of plastiuc utensils, toys, shoes and etc. Don't be fooled because just like the 99 stores not everything costs a "miya".

Tired and hugnry I went to order at the Chinese Filipino restaurant located at second floor of UTC. Food was good. Especially the bistek and the pancit. Filipina waitresses are grumpy yet funny in their own way. Red walls matches the red chairs and kapuso channel blairs in the background that gave it a more filipino atmosphere.

Tired with the hustle and bustle in the city I decided to go home and have a quality time w/ our very special dog, Balto.

He's simply adorable. And I love him to pieces.

Frolicking w/ him for the rest of my public holiday was just what I needed to rejuevenate and be ready for the coming days. And oh of course the gang from "Grey's Anatomy" helped a lot too.

It wasn't exciting. It was in fact just a so-so. But it was just what I needed.

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