Great News For All Hyper Shoppers!

6:09 PM

Lulu Hypermarket is now open in Shuwaikh.

This place is what we call in Filipino as "pang masa" because the prices caters to the general public. It is still pricey compared to what we're used to back in our country but then again let's just all look at the brighter side of all the no tax items you could buy.

We stumbled upon it while getting lost in 6th ring road on the way to Sultan Center Salmiya. Very far I know but when it's raining cats and dogs I can't really blame our driver for losing his sense of direction. When we saw the logo it dawned on Kuya Jimmy (the driver) to tell us that Lulu has very cheap prices. Mom and I was a little hestitant. Mom because of the kind of meat they will be having there and the american products available. Me because of my Sultan Centre points card. I have a dream of reaping and redeeming lots of points out of Sultan Centre and that again is another story.

Anyway, we we're hungry and there were kids w/ us so we opted on stopping there to eat at McDo that turned out to be closed. When we saw the department store on the second floor we forgot our hunger not because of overwhelming display but because of the overwhelming low prices of whatever products they had.

Couple of months ago my uncle donated his tv to my room so I took the sign of 1.900 KD for a tv stand as a signal for me to buy a home for my tv. Half a dozen of pencil boxes for only .700 fils was grabbed eagerly by the kids and I had to laugh at how our helper gape at the 1 KD something japanese brand walkman and recorder.

This place is like divisoria for their cheap items. Their grocery reminds me of KCC Mall in General Santos City.

Hypermarket had stock full of items from all ranges. Newbie like us, will get lost for awhile that resulted in forgetting to buy a number of items, but after a couple of rounds the place got to us that I navigated there with ease.

Mom was especially happy when the total bill costs 30% less than what we usually pay in Sultan Centre. I was pacified but all I could think of was my Sultan Centre points!

Lulu Hypermarket is a great place for fast no nonsense kind of grocery shopping. They have meat shops, fresh fish shop and they even have coconut mills for those who love their coconut milk fresh for their curry.

I've never seen so much kabayan going grocery shopping in one place. Check it out.!.

I just wonder when will they have a privilege points card. :P

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