Chickens No More!

7:14 PM

I should be glad. If you live in Kuwait that gives you no other choice for food except chicken-fish-chicken-beef-chicken, you know the reason why I should be glad that I'm told not to eat chicken for some time.

My cousin in the Philippines texted me that my Aunts, Uncles and Mother (who left me here in the desert to bask in the glory of Pinas sun) told her to inform me that we should not buy nor eat chickens due to bird flu human infection.

I knew there's some cases of bird flu the past few months but how did people Pinas knew first that there's a human infection? So far i've been reading the "kuwait is free from human bird flu infection" lines. Just to be sure I googled it and alas found no reference of any human infection here in Kuwait.

God forbid the human bird flu pandemic in Kuwait. Not just because people die of those murderous avian germs but also because of external factors.

Kuwait isn't ready for this. Unless somebody very rich got infected, their public hospitals still have a sucky service.
Kuwait is bird ridden. They are all over the place, the pigeons on the round abouts and the building windows, the dead chickens in the fridge, the live chicken on the neighbours backyard, the fish eating birds on the gulf, the birds for sale at Friday Market and oh the parrot named Marty who screeched night and day like a dog below the stairs. There's no getting away from them.

I hope it's just one of those kuwait-is-a-very-bad-place kind of insinuations. Because if it isn't, mashalah, God save us all.

I replied by saying "Ok I'm not going to include chickens in my grocery list anymore but could we eat those I just bought last week?". A fridge full of frozen chicken is way to expensive to throw out.


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