15 Minutes Therapy from Centrepoint

5:14 PM

Feeling downcast like the weather last Wednesday I had the most fabulous retail therapy I could ever ask for. And it didn't cost me a dime.

Thanks to the Centrepoint privilege card, formerly known as landmark, I had the pleasure of gorging on 15 KD worth of retail therapy. The therapy contained the birthday outfit, that tankini i'm going to wear even if it kills me, a couple of colorful trainers for motivation and my very own privilege card all taken under 15 minutes.
Those of you who have this card know's what i'm talking about when I say that it's simply fantabulous. Granted you have to buy something that should be worth 10 KD in order to get 1 KD point, I still say it's a marketing genius. Especially to a confessed freeloader like me who got a shopaholic of a mother and an aunt who can't be bothered with vouchers.

It's a free freebie. There's nothing like a free retail therapy to perk me up.!.

Centrepoint is like an SM counterpart in the Philippines and like SM it is located everywhere. Which means Centrepoint is located in almost all four sides of Kuwait. To all those who needs this kind of therapy, I suggest you go next week in all their branches, as an insider told me they're going to have a big SALE for their new collection.

See you there! And oh, don't bother bringing your privilege card as it's not honored during sale time.

For further information please go here --> http://www.centrepointclub.com

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