‘Love Me or Die’

12:48 PM

Source: Arab Times

Police have unraveled the mystery of a Filipino man who was found in critical condition by a roadside in Shaab, allegedly with acid burns and injury to his head, reports Al-Watan daily.
The man, identified only as Yourando, reportedly works as a nurse at Kuwait’s Military Hospital.
Intensive police investigations reportedly led to the arrest of a compatriot maid, identified only as Mali, who is said to have admitted to throwing acid in the man’s face and hitting him on the head with an axe. The maid has reportedly told police that she befriended the man at Christmas time last year which later developed into a strong relationship.

The maid also claimed the man visited her secretly in her sponsor’s apartment several times and they made love. The maid added when she came to know about her ‘boyfriend’s’ relationship with another woman, she cut off ties with the man.
However, one day he called her and expressed his desire to make love to her. The maid added she pretended to have agreed to his wish and when he arrived at the apartment she threw hot oil in his face and hit him on the head with an axe. Thinking the man was dead, she dragged the ‘lifeless’ body onto the street after stealing his IDs and a cell phone.

However, police are said to have tracked down the maid by tracing incoming and outgoing calls on the cell phone of the victim. The victim was initially rushed to the Mubarak Al-Kabir hospital in critical condition but has since been moved to the Al-Babtain Burns Hospital. Police investigations are continuing.

It saddens me that it is indeed a fact that a huge number of Filipinos here in Kuwait practice the polygamist way of life. We can blame a lot of factors may it be the loneliness, the homesickness and the carnal needs but it does not justify the damage being done especially to our Filipinas.
Men and women alike w/ family in the Philippines have girlfriends/boyfriends and/or another wife/husband here in Kuwait, or even those that have their family living here are still doing the double life. General acceptance of these situations are noticeable within the community. So accepted that it became a bad joke.
The embassy and the church are doing everything to best these indecent affairs by making it almost imposible to wed here. Which brings me to my other concern but that will be for another entry.
The predicament of that filipina or those in this dire situations are not an isolated case. It's rampant all over middle east and even the whole world. This entry doesn't necessarily mean that only filipino men practice it because that would be misleading.
So to y'all ladies out there, being March as the womens month, let's be smart in dealing w/ love and lust especially if you're away from home. We are a lot more sensible than them and we are the most affected if things doesn't go right, so think before jumping in the bandwagon.

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