Johnny Rockets goes to Fahaheel!

6:28 PM

This is a little late since the Fahaheel branch opened months ago but hey time is not a question when it comes to raving about food I just digested.

So, have you been to Johnny Rockets lately?

I have. For the past 4 days I've binge eat on this all American junction with their red faux leather chair and Marilyn Monroe's look alike coke commercial posters surrounding me.

And it's nothing but heaven. The little jukebox belted out a "Louie Louie" tune for only 50 phils., which should amuse the heck out of me but didn't because I have to wait for half an hour for it to play and because of the thoughts that came w/ the song. It has totally nothing to do w/ the cute little jukebox.

Johnny Rockets specialties are the hand pressed burgers, chili dogs, and their fires but for me nothing beats the BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) and the tuna melt sandwiches.
They are the perfect pair for the absolutely fattening mouth watering Oreo shakes that comes w/ another glass of refill.

Gorging Oreo milkshakes for a couple of days tend to get blah so on the third day I opted for the Coke float. The last time I had a float was at McDonald's Davao (Philippines), as the McDonald's here in Kuwait doesn't serve chickens nor mcfloat which is a total bummer but this is for another post.
The best perk of all this is the smiley ketchup's that tells you to "ketchup on old times".

If only I'm w/ someone old enough to have something to "ketchup" on.
So kabayans, if you are in Fahaheel area, do eat at Johnny Rockets located in the new Al Manshar Mall attached to the new Rotana Hotel in front of Al Ghanim.
I think there are more than a couple of Johnny Rockets branch all over Kuwait but since I'm not too sure and you want to know please contact below.

Johnny Rockets
Tel: 5754040 / 5739995 Fax: 4847601 E-Mail: P.O.Box 29409 Safat, 13142 Kuwait

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