I Have a Confession and a Couple of Shout Outs.

3:19 PM

For the past week I've done nothing but...

Maxed out my credit limit in Al Ghanim for my siblings pasalubong in Pinas. Having a straight A for a brother, another graduating in high school and a well loved albeit spoiled younger sister and a mother doesn't come cheap. And they are just my excuses to get a brand new 7.1 megapixel Olympus camera and an Ipod nano :P
I've also done nothing on weekends but sit on a dock and boat watched to my hearts content. Dreaming that someday it will be my name printed on the hull and that it should have the right horsepower to take on a world cruise.

If i'm not there I could be found complete w/ knee shaking on my little tower
wondering where those motorboats go to
since they came out of nowhere underneath these beautiful Al Kout mall.
From that spot I've also developed the taste of bird watching. Their squeaking and squaking doesn't bother me one bit. They looked so free and so peaceful, giving me a sense of surreal nirvana.
Hoping that I could stay in that state of mind and stare up and out forever.
When escaping the real world lost it's charm on me, I turned my attention to food.
Indulging myself by forgetting the fact that I am now reaching the scale limit, I sail off to Ruby Tuesday who offered me a mouth watering oreo milk shake
and mini burgers which isn't so mini at all that I ended up boxing it to wonder until now whatever the heck happened to them afterwards.
My ultimate satisfaction wasn't sated until we stopped to get our unusual caffeine high at The Coffee Bean. I saw some interesting people that perked my curiosity for good 5 minutes before I run off to chase my bristling cold iced coffee. Cold because I am a coward when it comes to smoldering my tongue w/ a hot one.

Gallivanting proved to be a helpful small escape from the world that's starting to close down on me again. It's just what the psychology educated in me would recomend but I am sure my doctor would frown upon as I've developed - yet again- an upper respiratory infection as a result of all those hours inhaling the unforgiving germs ridden dust from the north.
Shout Outs!
sa mga Dabawebyo all over the world!

Miles will not stop me from celebrating this yearly joyous moment of a truly great city. Heapsful of thanks to TFC for the daily broadcast.

It seems like yesteday where I could be found wandering in Roxas boulevard where the best view and shows could be seen. In MTS, Venue or in Kampay where the best red horse could be drank. And in Jacinto Street where the best people could be found.
I miss you Davao and I am going to celebrate your birthday by cheering you on through TFC.
End of PIES!
Not really. Students of Philippine International English School can now rejoice as yesterday was the last school day for 2006-2007 school year BUT you'll only get as little as 2 weeks vacation and it's back to school for another level again.
So to all parents out there, better get your wallet and schedules ready as this year could cost you more than a dent. Not only will there be a tuition hike but books could prove to be expensive too.Enjoy your vacation children!
And as for me, I need to snap out of my pseudo euphoria and get back to work.

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