HURRAY!! to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

1:01 PM

It's not unusual to hear Pinoys grumbling about the service of government offices. Justified or not is open for discussion but not now.

Today I am going to say "BRAVO" to the new administration of Kuwait's Philippine embassy for installing these chairs. And that cable Television.
For years, the thought of going to the embassy makes us cringe. The so called "bagong bayani" (modern heroes), awaits in a line of chaos, heat and confusion of where to go and what to do with their official documents. It doesn't help that employees aren't very accommodating - worst some are condescending amongst numerous transactions.

Can't say I blame them but we could always ask for better service. After all the OFW's as well as embassy employees (after all they are also OFW's) deserve it.

With the arrival of the new Ambassador comes the chairs and television. Courtesy of Western Union.

Little do they know that these simple chairs perks up the lowest of opinion by their own people. These chairs gives our "kababayans" hope, if not for a brighter future, but at least for a better and fast service. It emits a more stress free atmosphere compared to the haggling and pushing we once knew. These chairs shows that we are becoming civilized albeit a tad centuries late.

I am sure that is not the only improvement that happened in the embassy. External signs are rampant from the new guard house to the employee uniforms that now comes w/ a smile. Those smiles that confirmed my suspicion that internal changes did happen too.

There are still a lot to modfiy but for now we - the OFW's - who procur services in Philippine Embassy of Kuwait will make do and relax w/ the new chairs.

Thank you and hurray!

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