Coins to Riches

1:11 PM

It's amazing how people prefer to spend their money and count it by the paper bills. It's very rare now a days, especially here in Kuwait, to see people counting coins - fils - in addition/to pay something.
Most of the time coins are being thrown in the bag, in the pants and the washer. Fils are not uncommon sight anywhere in our house. In the jars, bags and wallets (not just mine but everyone) under the bed, beside those statuettes, on the floor, in the couch, the kitchen even in the shoe racks and inside the toilets.

I am extremely guilty of this.

I've noticed my fils neglect when I spring cleaned my room. I came up w/ a cup full of fils and out of boredom started counting it. The total amount was 3 KD or 10.3778$ according to this. A freaking fortune!

Green eye monster compulsed me to turn our place upside down for more fils and found all these. Hours of segregation - hours because I have yet to figure out which is 1 and which is 100 - , rolls of magic tapes and a heart wrenching sob story later, my coins/fils was finally converted into these.

A whooping 22.086 KD! If converted into dollars 76.4010 USD or into Philippine pesos 3,704.57 PHP, is really a freaking fortune.

Boy was I mesmerized pun intended w/ my newly found money.

Coins or fils may not seem like a lot of money but I am now going to consider them my life savings. Every time I get ahold of fils I now immediately put it in my special coin purse to be deposited in my special coin box by the end of the day. I am now going to pick them up whenever I see one on the floor, on the table and even in my mother's wallet. I shall also be a good Samaritan by spreading the word of how coins can turn into riches if people will just practice patience. That it will not only enhance the organizational skills but it might shed the pounds too.

This is my story of coins to riches. What's yours?

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