Annual Ahmadi Festival 2007

6:51 PM

The Ahmadi Annual Festival sponsored by KOC was a 3 day affair held at the KOC ground.

After almost a couple of months it finally set off last March 7 up to the 9th. The radio has been blaring about it weeks prior and flyers are visible almost everywhere.

The organizers did a fab job w/ their advertising campaign as it enticed our family to go.

Sadly the advertising and the wonderful show of lights are the only fabulous and interesting thing that happened there.

Authorities blocked almost all of the main in and out roads never considering the fact that some people work and live in that area will get stranded.

On the second day, we finally relented and did what the DJ told us to only get into traffic jam for almost an hour.

Good thing they decorated every standing thing in the block w/ colorful lights which i've truly enjoyed.

Ahmadi welcomes us.

KOC Gate

High Tech trees. When I first arrived in q8, these electronic trees planted everywhere, impressed me to the core.

KNPC Little Tower
KOC Road
Sidewalks and Walkways
Ahmadi Catholic Church

KNPC Head Office w/ their amazing light show.
Ahmadi Gate

The festival is not for expats especially those who can't understand a thing in arabic. And maybe, just maybe it was fun to those who can.

Nevertheless, I've always loved Ahmadi at night.

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